Online Training Pilot Project

British Columbia has one of the country's leading foster care systems. Our foster families are an integral part of the team of professionals responsible for children and youth in care throughout the province.

Children in care need caring and skilled foster parents to help them face difficult challenges on a daily basis. It is therefore important our caregivers continue to have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in order to maintain the high quality of foster care in B.C.

In support of foster families throughout the province, the Ministry of Children and Family Development in the Vancouver Coastal Region and Hollyburn Family Services (the agency currently contracted to provide Support and Education Services to the Vancouver Coastal Region for parents) are pleased to offer an online pilot program of the BC Foster Care Education Program. This program will be offered to the Vancouver Coastal Region foster parents at no cost.

The benefit of online training adds flexibility and convenience for users. Depending on the type of training, people can generally take classes from wherever they want, including their home, as long as there’s adequate Internet access. Online training also allows the use of multimedia tools that can help trainees learn faster and give them a better understanding of the content. Users can also take a class more than once if they need to without incurring the expense of extra travel.

A special thanks to Pacific Community Resources in the Fraser Region for their support with this initial pilot project.

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